Newcastle-Under-Lyme Community Orchestra (NULCO) is a friendly armature community orchestra open to all musicians of any age and ability. 

If you or someone you know would like to get involved then  contact us by one of the following ways:

Call: 07907 785 562

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  • Do I have to play an instrument to become a member?

Not at all - NULCO's mission statement is 'Bringing the Community Together'. This means that whether your a musician of just someone wanting to get involved in a local community group - you will be accepted. We are always looking looking for people to assist with recruiting, helping out at rehearsals and organising events. 
  • I want to join but don't have an instrument

NULCO does have a collection of instruments to lend out. We can also direct you to 2 of our suppliers of instrumental sales who will be able to help (Some finance options may be available). 
  • What instruments does NULCO accept?

NULCO accepts any instrument into the group - no matter how 'non-classical' it is as we have the facilities to write parts for just about any.

  • When are rehearsals? 

Every Wednesday night during term time at Wolstanton Methodist Church, Newcastle-under-lyme. Set up is from 7pm with the rehearsal taking place between 7:30pm and 9:30pm. Additional rehearsals for adhoc events are organised separately. 
  • How does NULCO work with different skill levels all at once? 

NULCO is all about coming together and helping each other out. Each section has a leader with knowledge who can help with techniques. Our Musical Director also has the resources to tailor a part to your level (whether it is beginners or professional) and do coaching sessions to learn the parts. 
  • What is NULCO's repertoire?

NULCO plays a large range of different music from Classical - to Film - to Musicals. Each concert - we always ask our members what music they would like to do next. 
  • What performances do NULCO do? 

NULCO puts on 2 main concerts a year which all members are asked to be a part of. Throughout the year there are multiple opportunities (not mandatory) to do more by taking part in busking and private events. 
  • How much is it to be a members of NULCO? 

Every new member gets 4 week (consecutive) trial to try the group and find out if it is for them. After the trial, if you decide to become a member the fees are: 
£9 per month for 10 months, (Or per month left of the FY (Including the trial period)
£30 per term
£90 annually (Only Payable in September-October)
  • Do I have to commit to attending every week? 

As absence can disrupt rehearsal schedules and unsettling for some members - we do expect any member to attend all possible rehearsals. We appreciate and accept that people are unable to control work shift patterns and child care. Any members in these circumstances, we do request commitment of 2 rehearsals per calender month. 

All our rehearsals are streamed live on the NULCO Discord Surver for members to listen to if unable to attend. 
  • What do I need to bring to rehearsals?

Each week you will need to bring, a music stand (we do bring some spare each week), Your instrument, Spit cloth (wind instruments only), a drink and of course yourself. 
  • I don't have transport to get to rehearsals

As a community group we care about our members being able to get too and from rehearsals and events. If you have any travel issues - please let us know and we can find you a car share.

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